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Brian Kemp

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Transition Director

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Virginia Galloway

Brian Kemp is a Georgia grown, self-made businessman.

Governor-elect Kemp went to Clarke Central High School in Athens and learned the value of hard work from his football coach, Billy Henderson. After earning a degree from the University of Georgia, Kemp started his first business with a pick-up truck and a shovel.

Husband. Father. Public Servant.

Brian Kemp is married to his childhood sweetheart, Marty. The couple raised their three teenage daughters - Jarrett, Lucy, and Amy Porter - to love God, serve others, and treat all people with respect.

Putting Georgians First.

As governor, Brian Kemp will spur job creation, invest in public education, strengthen rural Georgia, lower taxes and insurance premiums, and fight to keep our families safe. Above all, he will put hardworking Georgians first.

Growing Jobs

Brian Kemp will spur job creation by cutting taxes and slashing anti-business regulations. He will work to create economic opportunity in every part of our state - including rural communities - with a goal of making Georgia the #1 state for small business.

Keeping Us Safe

Brian Kemp will team up with prosecutors and law enforcement to tackle the opioid epidemic, crack down on sex trafficking, and dismantle violent street gangs. He will work around the clock to keep our families safe.

Reforming State Government

As governor, Brian Kemp will streamline government, reduce spending, and lower taxes on Georgia families. He will always put taxpayers - not the special interests - first.

Investing in Education

As governor, Brian Kemp will invest in public education, give teachers a well-deserved pay raise, and fund school security initiatives that keep our students safe in the classroom. With help from the legislature, Governor-elect Kemp will protect the HOPE Scholarship, support local control, and empower parents to make the best educational decisions for their children.

Improving Healthcare

Brian will lower costs on premiums and prescription drugs while increasing access for Georgia families. He will fund mental health services, protect rural hospitals, and tackle the doctor shortage with more residency slots and better incentives for rural physicians.

Strengthening Rural Georgia

Brian Kemp will expand access to high speed internet, improve access to healthcare by protecting rural hospitals and recruiting physicians, and give rural communities the same opportunities as the rest of the state. He will work to promote economic development and investment while supporting farmers, agri-business and small town start-ups.